Fingers Crossed Emoji

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Fingers Crossed Emoji is a hand signal normally used to wish for a fortunes or to demonstrate want of a great result. At times it implies an endeavor to beg God for assurance. Once in a while a few people utilize this emoji or motion to pardon their recounting a Β«white lieΒ».

Crossed Fingers Emoji is essentially known as a Fingers Crossed Emoji and furthermore might be referenced as a Good Luck Emoji.

Fingers Crossed Emoji/Crossed Fingers Emoji is a unique image that resembles a photo ? (you may see exhaust box or “X” if unsupported), regardless it’s a content, so you can basically reorder this emoji as a customary letter, image or content. This trap works for Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, Snapchat, SMS and some other site, courier or application. The main subtlety is that upheld emoji set is the same for every single late form of stages and applications, yet appearance (envisions themself) are somewhat unique for iPad/iPhone, Android, and Samsung Galaxy gadgets. Here you can perceive how Fingers Crossed Emoji/Crossed Fingers Emoji is shown on iOS, Android, Windows, and different stages and applications.

Fingers Crossed Emoji Code

Shortcode :fingers_crossed:
HTML hex 🤞
HTML dec 🤞
Punycode xn--6p9h
URL Escape Code %F0%9F%A4%9E
JavaScript & JSON \ud83e\udd1e
C, C++ & Java \ud83e\udd1e

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