Angel Emoji Art Copy Paste

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A smiling face with a halo on top of its head signifies being good or without fault. Smiling Face with Halo Emoji (Angel Emoji) usually used to express exemplary behavior and lack of involvement in mischievous acts and it’s like excusing yourself by saying “It wasn’t me!”, “I’m as innocent as an angel!” or “I’ve been as good and obedient as possible!”.

Smiling Face with Halo Emoji is also known as a Angel Wings Emoji, or a Angel Smiley Face, or simply as Angel Emoji.

Angel Wings Emoji

This icon depicts a smiling face with two white wings and a blue halo overhead. This emoji means an angel, God, prayers, a miracle, hope, faith, or implying something or someone is angelic. Angel Wings Emoji is also use to express once innocents as an angle. Some users have also describe it to watch over friends like an angel.  Scared Emoji Art Copy Paste

Angel Emoji Text Copy Paste