About Us

https://getemojiart.comΒ is a website where you can get thousands of emojis which can express your emotions and mood. We have gathered a huge number of emojis to help you in expressing your emotions and mood. Digital communication is now an integral part of our daily life. In their private lives, many use Facebook and Whatsapp to quickly send messages to their friends, and communication with their professional contacts is now mainly by email, a means of communication that is also often used in private life. E-mail messages, which are usually sent and received using clients like Outlook, are far from perfect: since e-mail only transmits information in written form, there is a risk that the recipient will misunderstand or misinterpret tone and context. This is especially true for emails that deal with emotional issues: after all, it’s sometimes difficult to express your feelings in words. The fact that feelings or irony cannot be highlighted by body language and expressions makes things even more complicated.

A simple and practical solution to this problem is to use smileys. These combinations of characters or pictograms, which represent the most diverse facial expressions, offer the perfect opportunity to represent emotions in text messages. This guide explains the different options available for using smileys in Outlook.